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LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Wattage : 20W/40W

Color : White/ Black

Designed for Medium Large Plant Growth:

This grow lights for indoor plants features an adjustable dual-head design that can rotate 360°, providing a larger and more uniform plant coverage area. It has a high-quality non-slip base (no toppling over), ensuring stability. The grow light is equipped with three detachable aluminum alloy rods, adjustable to heights of 32/47/63 inches. It is ideal for home gardening, flower exhibitions, large potted plants, and huge indoor plants.

Auto On/Off 6-Level Dimming:

The indoor plant growth light comes with a timer function, offering options of 3, 9, or 12 hours. You can set your desired time, and it will automatically turn on/off at the same time every day. When you're on vacation, your plants are taken care of well, making them safer and more flexible. With 6-level dimming, you can adjust the brightness from 10% to 100% based on the specific requirements of your plants at different growth stages.

132 LEDs Enabling Comprehensive Plant Growth:

The 40-watt plant light offers three supplemental lighting modes:

  • 1. 3000K White Light + 5000K White Light, suitable for rooting and germination stages;
  • 2. 5000K White Light + Red LEDs, enhancing photosynthesis and promoting flowering and fruiting;
  • 3. 3000K + 5000K White Light + Red LEDs, suitable for all stages of indoor plant growth.

Advanced Driver& Versatile Application:

Unlike traditional USB connections, our upgraded independent driver guarantees safety and optimal performance by preventing overheating while significantly amplifying LED power. This full spectrum light is more than just a plant-nurturing tool—it's a decorative addition to your room, making it an ideal housewarming gift for passionate plant enthusiasts.

Extended and Built-In Power Line:

This houseplant grow light features a brand-new upgraded built-in power cord, ensuring safety and providing a neat appearance. With a power cord length of up to 13 feet, you can easily use this plant growth light in your living room, bedroom, balcony, office, and other locations without the need for additional extension cords.


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