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Smart Control LED Aquarium Light

Wattage : 12W/23W/30W/45W/60W

Color : Black

Upgraded High-quality LED Light:

This aquarium light are scientifically adjusted to simulate natural light without flickering. It not only promotes the growth of water plants, but also makes water looks more sparkly clean and the color of the water plants is lifelike.

Smart APP Control:

This smart aquarium light with WiFi+Bluetooth dual control, which can maintain the operability of the device even in the WIFI offline state. With this smart APP, you can easily manage and adjust your fish tank light's settings at any time and anywhere.

Smart Zone control:

Aquarium light with smart zone control focuses on innovation and flexibility. It has an intelligent partition control function, which ensures that your aquatic plants and fish get the best lighting and health. Note: 15W and 23W have no partition control functions as the length is limited. Par> 50 at the maximum power.

Real-time Water Temperature Sensor:

This freshwater fish tank light with real-time temperature sensor. This feature can monitor the water temperature of your fish tank in real time so that you can ensure your aquarium environment is kept within the ideal set temperature range. With temperature alert push, your mobile and E-mail can receive notifications after exceeding the set temperature.

DIY Spectrum and Brightness:

4-channels RGBW light, 0-100% brightness adjustment. You can simulate natural light or create a unique light effect for your fish tank, to simulate the natural sunlight and moonlight cycle effect, and let your fish and plant grow in an environment close to natural habitats.

Safe and Waterproof:

Safety and durability are priorities of our design. Intelligent control fish tank lights adopt an anti-drop design, which can ensure safety in your aquarium. The waterproof level of this fish light has reached IP67. You can rest assured that it can prevent any unexpected water soaking, thereby ensuring the safety of your fish and plants.


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